ECC-9 Plenary Speakers

The Organising Committee are happy to announce the Plenary Speakers for the 9th EuChemS 2024 Congress in Dublin.

Please click on the relevant speaker’s photograph to view their biography and website.

Prof. Dame Clare P. Grey

Energy , Environment and Sustainability

University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

Prof. Odile Eisenstein

Physical, Analytical and Computational Chemistry

CNRS – Université Montpellier and University of Oslo
France, Norway

Prof. Véronique Gouverneur

Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry

University of Oxford
United Kingdom

Prof. Frances H. Arnold

Chemistry Meets Biology for Health

California Institute of Technology
United States of America

Prof. Sir David W. C. MacMillan


Princeton University
United States of America

Prof. Sir J. Fraser Stoddart

Supermolecular Chemistry

Northwestern University
United States of America

Prof. Omar M. Yaghi


University of California, Berkeley
United States of America

Prof. Brigitte Van Tiggelen

Education, History, Culture Heritage and Ethics in Chemistry

Science History Institute
United States of America

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