ECC9 Final Programme

The Congress Committee is delighted to release the official ECC9 Scientific Programme.

Finding your way around the programme:

  • Please click into the session name for more information on individual speakers, and on each presentation title to see the abstract. You may download a booklet of abstracts for the session if you wish.
  • Please click the arrow menu tab on the top left corner of the programme for different search capabilities including authors, titles, programme codes and Congress themes.
  • As there are up to 14 parallel sessions per day, please ensure to scroll across the page to see all sessions. Alternatively you may filter the webpage per theme for ease of viewing the programme.
  • All abstracts have been assigned a new Congress programme code with the following nomenclature:
    • The initial letter denotes the presentation type: O = Oral communication; FP = Flash presentation; P = Poster presentation.
    • The first number denotes the day with 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday and 4 =Thursday.
    • The second number denotes the Theme with 1 = Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, 2 = Catalysis, 3 = Chemistry Meets Biology for Health, 4 = Energy, Environment and Sustainability, 5 = Nanochemistry/Materials, 6 = Physical, Analytical and Computational Chemistry, 7 = Supramolecular Chemistry and 8 = Education, History, Cultural Heritage, and Ethics in Chemistry
    • Example: O4.705 = Oral communication, Thursday, Supramolecular Chemistry, fifth talk of day
  • There will be posters sessions from Monday to Thursday with posters and flash presentations assigned to a given day.
  • For flash presentations, the poster will be displayed on the same day as the flash presentation.
  • The programme below is correct as of 17th June 2024 but is subject to change without notice.