ECC9 Theme Convenors

Energy, Environment and Sustainability
(including Emerging Sustainable Chemistry Technologies, Biomass
Valorisation, Green Synthetic Methodologies, Circular Bioeconomy, Food)
Convenor 1 Prof. Walter Leitner
Convenor 2Prof. Paul Anastas
Physical, Analytical and Computational Chemistry
(including Physical chemistry of materials, Advances in physical chemistry and new techniques, New analytical methodologies and applications, Sensors, Theory and applications of computational chemistry, Machine Learning/AI)
Convenor 1 Prof. Christopher M.A. Brett
Convenor 2
Prof. Tanja Van Mourik
Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
(including Asymmetric Methodology, Inorganic Methodology,
Green Synthetic Methodologies)
Convenor 1 Prof. Bill Morandi
Convenor 2Prof. Mariola Tortosa
Chemistry Meets Biology For Health
(including Medicinal, Bioinorganic, Bioorganometallic, Radiochemistry,
Food and Nutrition)
Convenor 1 Prof. Angela Casini
Convenor 2Prof. Célia Bonnet
(including Organometallic Catalysis, Organocatalysis, Biocatalysis,
Photoredox Catalysis, Electrocatalysis)
Convenor 1 Prof. Martin Albrecht
Convenor 2Prof. Montserrat (Montse) Diéguez
Supramolecular Chemistry
(including Chirality, Molecular Machines, Dissipative Systems, MOFs,
Molecular Nanotopology, Sensors, Metallo-Supramolecular  Chemistry, Molecular Logic,
Host-Guest Chemistry, Self-Assembly Materials, Higher Order Structures)
Convenor 1 Prof. Stephen M. Goldup
Convenor 2Prof. Nathalie Katsonis
(including Organic, Inorganic, Material Science, Devices, Circuits, Systems,
Neuromorphic Networks, Bio-inspired Computing)
Convenor 1 Prof. Stefanie Dehnen
Convenor 2Prof. Matteo Mannini
Education, History, Cultural Heritage, and Ethics in Chemistry
Convenor 1 Prof. Annette Lykknes
Convenor 2Prof. Elena Badea