ECC9 International Scientific Committee


Professor David A. Leigh – United Kingdom

Professor Patrick Guiry – Ireland – President of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland and ECC9 Chair

Professor Celine J. Marmion – Ireland – ECC9 Local Organising Committee Co-Chair
Professor Thorfinnur (Thorri) Gunnlaugsson – Ireland – ECC9 Local Organising Committee Co-Chair
Professor Artur M. S. Silva – Portugal – ECC-8 Chair
Professor Walter Leitner – Germany – Energy, Environment and Sustainability
Professor Christopher M.A. Brett – Portugal – Physical, Analytical and Computational Chemistry
Professor Bill Morandi – Switzerland – Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Professor Angela Casini – Germany – Chemistry Meets Biology For Health
Professor Martin Albrecht – Switzerland – Catalysis
Professor Stephen M. Goldup – United Kingdom – Supramolecular Chemistry
Professor Stefanie Dehnen – Germany – Nanochemistry/Materials
Professor Annette Lykknes – Norway – Education, History, Cultural Heritage, and Ethics in Chemistry
Dr. Maximilian Menche – Germany – EuChemS Young Chemists’ Network Chair