ECC9 Plenary Speakers

Professor Dame Clare P. Grey
Energy, Environment and Sustainability
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

Professor Odile Eisenstein
Physical, Analytical and Computational Chemistry
CNRS – Université Montpellier
and University of Oslo
France, Norway

Professor Véronique Gouverneur
Advances in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
University of Oxford
United Kindgom

Professor Frances H. Arnold
Chemistry Meets Biology for Health
California Institute of Technology
United States of America

Professor Sir David W. C. MacMillan
Princeton University
United States of America

Professor Omar M. Yaghi
University of California, Berkeley
United States of America

Professor  Brigitte Van Tiggelen
Education, History, Culture Heritage,
and Ethics in Chemistry
Science History Institute
United States of America

Professor Amilra De Silva
Supramolecular Chemistry
Queen’s University Belfast,
Northern Ireland